Matrix League:Onward

Democratic Esports League

We are building a system that allows teams, fans, and players to vote on league governance decisions.

For our first test season, we are running a $10,000 Onward Tournament! (Date TBD)


Q: Why is a democratic esports league better than a normal one?
A: Traditional sport leagues (NBA, NFL, etc.) already adopt a semi-democratic governance system that allows teams to vote on decisions. We're extending this to esports and allowing players and fans to vote in order to create a more fair and engaging league system.

Q: How will you prevent people from making bad decisions?
A: We plan on taking this slowly. In this test tournament, everything will be extremely tightly controlled, with highly limited voting options. As we grow, we'll refine our governance methods and give more decision making power.

Q: What will people be voting on?
A: For this test tournament, we plan on having the following votes:

Teams: Vote on league rules, in-game rules, and seeding.
Fans/Viewers: Vote on seeding and which map each game is played on.